TroFaCo was established in 2014. Its founders Steffen Johnsen and Thomas O’Brien Kirk are Danish, part of a large network in Europe and tropical Africa and Asia. We have both worked for many years in international development.

We have especially enjoyed working with farmers’ organisations which strive to serve the interests of their members and have good internal democracy.

We know many such organisations and we know that many of their practices can benefit our global climate.

Based on this experience we established TroFaCo.

We currently collaborate closely with more than 70 farmers’ associations in Cambodia and more than fifteen schools and farmers groups, as well as churches in Uganda. In Vietnam our partner is ActionAid Vietnam.

Socio-Economic Enterprise

TroFaCo is a Socio-Economic Enterprise

  • TroFaCo’s climate action has positive impact on the global climate change.
  • TroFaCo also bring development in the rural areas where we work.
  • 20-30% of what supporters or clients pay TroFaCo  is given to the groups of local people in the area where the trees grow.
  • The communities get the trees for free, and enjoy benefits from the trees, such as fruits, medical use, protection against erosion, shade, etc.
  • The main part of TroFaCo’s income is reinvested into an expansion of TroFaCo group of producers – we want to have very significant impact!

The TroFaCo Team

Steffen Johnsen


Steffen has 25 years experience working with organized farmers, climate change, forest management and sustainable agriculture in many tropical countries. He has lived 3 years in Vietnam and 2 years in Cambodia. He holds a PhD from UC Berkeley, College of Natural Resources.

Thomas O’Brien Kirk


Thomas has over 25 years experience in international development, and has lived many years in Tanzania, working – among other things – with farmers’ cooperatives. He is a certified auditor, business advisor and on the board of several Danish Companies.


Tropical Agronomist, Verification Expert

Huong has worked with tropical farming and development for over 20 years. She conducted more than 40 ‘Training of Trainers’ in many cropping systems and in many countries and has written  guides for different crops. She grew up in a Vietnamese farming village, now lives in Denmark, has a M.Sc. in agricultural systems from Asian Institute of Technology and a Ph.D. in plant disease management from Germany.

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