Climate Change Action and Development

TroFaCo help local village associations or cooperatives in Tropical coutries plant useful trees of local species. They enjoy many benefits, such as fruits or medicine from the trees. They may plant mango and sell the fruits, or Moringa or Neem trees for medicine. Neem is often called ‘the village drugstore’.

TroFaCo then sell climate offsets based on the CO2 absorbed by the trees.

The benefits from fruits, medicine and from the protection the trees provide against erosion are very large, and more important to the villages than the income from carbon. The trees simply are good development. Therefore the people take good care of them.

Usually the local associations put their share of the offsets-related income into their savings groups, later to be used for common purposes, such as better roads, health clinic or other.

Many farmers also view the trees themselves as savings; when harvested after many years (and new replanted at low costs) they can bring good income to be used by the association or for other, common village purposes.

When we have established good collaboration with one village, we ask them of they want to produce for a reliable company in Europe. If they agree, we try and find such a customer and help build mutually beneficial relations. This also helps development.

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