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Vietnams mountains – how to get more trees

TroFaCo and our partner in Vietnam, ActionAid are wrapping up our project on participatory forest management.   It has helped form many local forest management groups, who can work jointly with local authorities in planning and management of local forests, where communities own quite large parts. As a tool for that, the project has taken…


Caritas plant trees with TroFaCo

Trees planted with and by EADEN   TroFaCo has been following up in Uganda on the agreement with Eastern Archdiocese Development Network of Caritas (EADEN). We sponsored EADEN’s first planting of 1,350 trees, with Caritas Tororo in the south-eastern corner of Uganda.     EADEN is then, on its own initiative and endorsed by the…


CIDI delivers

CIDI – a responsible partner: Early May 2018 TroFaCo’s CEO was again in Soroti in Uganda to check on progress. Briefly: CIDI has found an area where to replace the 4,200 trees that the goats ate (See previous post). The choice is a church which operates a ‘Child Development Center’ for orphans. More than 2,500 trees…


Danish Institute of Study Abroad becomes a partner

    The department of environment, politics and society at DIS Abroad has become a TroFaCo partner. DIS supports TroFaCo’s social project to help local communities  build / rebuild local ecosystems by planting local trees that improve local livelihoods and contribute to reforestation. Part of the collaboration is face-to-face skype-meetings between students and  TroFaCo’s partners in…


This is Africa..

This is Africa.. We received news from our partner CIDI. The trees that were planted for our partner GrowForIt in the town of Soroti, had met a sorry fate. They got eaten by goats! A classic tale of everybody being responsible and therefore nobody. Trees were planted and protected by nice cages, as agreed with…


TroFaCo planning in Uganda

TroFaCo’s CEO is in Uganda, working with our local partner CIDI in Soroti district. The work is about identifying sites for new plantings this year (in Soroti you can only plant this time, when the rains are falling). We have met with three schools who are all very interested and have large, suitable land. CIDI…