What do I get in Offsets?

How it works

You get offsets from trees planted based on a contract between TroFaCo and a local farmers’ association. It could be in Cambodia, where we work through CAFACA (www.cafaca.com) or in Vietnam. Later we will add more countries.

If you buy CO2 offsest from at least 200 trees, you get to pick the location (a temple, a school, along a road or irrigation canal)
Yuo also get your ‘own’ spot on our map. As a company you can put your loe here and a small text, if you want. As an individual you can get your name on the spot, if you provide it to use.

Each year we visit the site, take new pictures of the growing trees and interview the villagers. From that you get a report, sent to you. If you want to check in the field, we suggest you come and see – or send your auditor. Just let us know and we can help.

For extra price we may help you get extra pictures or video from your site and the community, for use in your own promotion.

  • How much CO2?
    We calculate – very conservatively – that each tree will absorb 360 kg of CO2 in its lifetime. That is the basis for our contract with you. Each year we measure the growth of the trees, and include the number of CO2 absorbed in your report.
  • What if some trees die?
    Then we replace for you, with trees in another location. The report we send you each year will show you where – as will the updated map on the webpage.
  • How do I buy?
    You contact TroFaCo through email or phone. (See contact page). Then we develop an agreement/contract together
  • What if I only want to buy a few trees?
    For now you contact us (See contact page). We are currently applying for online sales where you will be able to buy packages of 5 or 10 trees, e.g. for offsetting your air travel. For example return flight for one person from Europe to South East Asia emits c. 3,5 tonnes of CO2.
    If you want to buy now, you can pay to our bankaccount (see ‘contacts’). Price is 10€/tonne and 3 trees give you a tonne . Please send us your email or physical address so we can send your certicificate to you.


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