Here we provide summary information about the speices of trees we have planted so far, as well as links to more information on the Internet

Scientific and English name Local Names in Uganda Local Names in Cambodia Usually planted where? Used for what?
Afzelia xylocarpa Beng Highly valuable hardwood. Seeds and bark have medicinal properties
Albizia lebbeck (East Indian walnut, fry wood, Indian siris, lebbeck, siris tree, woman’s tongue tree) Chreh The tree has been widely planted in agro-forestry schemes in the drier parts of the Tropics. A nitrogen-fixing tree, with value for shade, quality hardwood (cabinet, veneer, construction), fuel-wood and charcoal, and honey. A good soil binder and suited to soil conservation and erosion control
Azadirachta indica (neem) Sdao Around farmers’ houses and on dikes of the rice field. Tolerates drought Leaves are used as vegetables, traditional medicine, and botanical pesticides and timber is used for construction
Cassia fistula (Golden Shower, Indian-Laburnum, Pudding Pipe Tree) Leung Reach Ornamental, medicine
Combretum quadrangulare (We cannot find detailed information about this species) Sangke Around farmers’ houses, along roads Fuelwood, fencing and green manure as well as medicine,
Dipterocarpus alatus (Hairy-leafed apitong) Chheuteal In pagoda compounds Construction, and furniture, the resin and bark is medicinal
Gliricidia sepium (Nicaraguan cocoa, mother of cocoa, quick-stick, Mexican lilac, tree of iron) Snau Kouk Gliricidia is normally used as a green forage, protein supplement to low-quality tropical forages and by-products for cattle, sheep and goats. Soil conservation and improvement, nitrogen fixation, live fences
Hopea ferrea (White thingan, malut) Koki Valuable source of timber and resin. A commercially important timber tree.
Hopea odorata (White thingan) Koki In pagoda compound Construction, especially for making a boat
Khaya senegalensis (African mahogany, Dry-zone mahogany, Senegal mahogany) Kirai, Marigo, Tido, Erie Krorb Baek Often used along roads, or in plantations The wood is valued for carpentry, joinery, furniture, cabinet work, ship building and decorative veneer. Good for soil conservation and improvement.
Leucaena leucacephala (Ipil-Ipil) Kamthuthet Around farmers’ houses, along roads. Fuel wood, fencing,/ animal feeding, vegetable, green manure and construction
Maesopsis eminii (Umbrella tree. Name also used for other species) Musizi Forests, along roads Shade, timber. The timber is strong and durable when it is harvested when the wood is mature
Mangifera indica (Mango) Muyembe, Mutumba Svay In homestead, on the farm Fruit, for sale or consumption
Milicia excelsa (African Teak, Iroko) Muvule, Elua, Elowa, Mbara, Boru, Gumutumba, Kimurumba, Olwaa  Often along roads, or as (very large) ornamental Timber, ornamental and shade (often along roads), soil conservation
Mimusops elengi (Jambolan Plum, Spanish cherry) Pring Around farmers’ houses, on the dikes of the rice fields and along roads Fruit and fuelwood
Moringa oleifera (Horseradish tree, ben oil tree, drumstick tree, clarifier tree, mother’s best friend, moringa tree, cabbage tree) Marum Is mainly cultivated for its leaves and seeds Food, fodder, medicine, ornamental and living fences. Pulverized seeds may be used for water purification
Pithecellobium dulce (Madras thorn, blackbead) Ampil Teuk Around farmers’ houses, along roads Fuel wood, fencing, and construction
Samanea (Albizia) saman (Raintree, monkey tree, cow tamarind, saman tree) Chann Kiri Provides shade. Large tropical tree growing as much as 60 m tall, with broad umbrella shaped crown about 80 m wide.
Senna (Cassia) siamea Angkanh Around farmers’ houses, along roads, in pagoda gardens and homestead, in windbreaks Fuel wood, fencing, animal feed, decoration, charcoal, poles, timber (furniture), medicine, bee forage, shade, ornamental, mulch, soil conservation, windbreak
Sindora cochinchinensis (Synonym: S. siamenesis) Kor koh The tree has a beautiful shape and can be grown as an ornamental, shade-providing tree Timber used for construction and furniture. Sometimes as ornamental tree.The fruits are edible.
Tamarindus indica (Tamarind) Mukoge (name for many other trees), Iti, Muhuwa, Muhungwa, Chwaa, Idukoge, Nondwa Ampil In homestead, along dikes, in windbreaks Food, charcoal, fuelwood, nitrogen fixation, shade, ornamental, windbreak, tannin. In Asia fruits are used in cooking and sell at good prices.
Tectona grandis (Teak, Indian teak, Sudanese teak)  May sac Teak is one of the most important timbers in the world.
Terminalia superba (Shinglewood, afara, white afara) Along roads It provides medicines, dyes and fuel for the local population.