Tropical farmers to markets



TroFaCo help organised, clever tropical farmers get acces to markets.

That may also help your company!

TroFaCo works with reliable groups of farmers. They are in all kinds of landscapes, climates and farming systems. And they are good!

We could help you make long-term agreements with these farmers and their association. They already do joint marketing and selling.

Then you could get reliable, good quality supplies, in time and adherence to any standard

TroFaCo’s in-house, tropical agronomist has all the necessary experiences in Asia, Africa and Latin America and in many, many  crops and farming systems.

A large kind of bean (?) from a village in Uganda. Locals say it only grows in their area. And it is tasty!

And if you would like to be the first to introduce some new, exciting food products, we have a few candidates!


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